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Hanson Mount Agreement

Anne Gould 1806-1885 and her sister Catherine Gould 1809-1910, who had previously lived at Hanson Grange until the death of their brother Thomas Gould in 1878, then moved to a house in Church Street in Ashbourne, opposite the parish church, which they named Hanson Mount.

Anne Gould predeceased her younger sister Catherine Gould 1809-1910, who died in 1910 aged 100, bequeathing her house to her compamion and niece Eliza Wright 1840-1936. There was, however, some uncertainty as to the exact provisions of the Will of Catherine Gould 1809-1910, but an Agreement was reached dated 1 May 1911 with all the heirs to convey her property to Eliza Wright for her lifetime. Eliza Wright was unmarried, and died on 14 June 1936 at Hanson Mount.

A summary of the Agreement, and of the Abstract of Title, is as follows. The document provides details of the Wright family and of the members that were living in 1911 and 1936.

ABSTRACT of Title of the Personal Representatives of Miss Eliza Wright deceased to a house called Hanson Mount in Church Street Ashbourne in Derbyshire.

1 May 1911 : By Conveyance made between

Frank Wright J.P. of Hill Top, Ashbourne of the 1st part

Frank Thomas Dale of Gorsty Hill, Bradbourne in Derbyshire, farmer (the only child of Ann Dale) of the 2nd part

Nathaniel Gould of Newhaven, Bedfont in Middlesex, author (the only child of Mary Gould) of the 3rd part

Gilbert Gould of Willington in Derbyshire, farmer
Ellen Burnett wife of Clifford Burnett of Packington Hall, Ashby de la Zouch in Leicestershire, farmer and
William Henry Gould of Hirst Tower Lodge, Congleton in Cheshire (who were the children of Ellen Gould) of the 4th part

Fanny Leach of Claremont House, Southport in Lancashire, widow, of the 5th part

William Wright of Pike House, Thorpe in Derbyshire, farmer
Charles Wright of Bakewell in Derbyshire, draper
Thomas Edward Wright of Bradbourne in Derbyshire, farmer
Frank Wright of Snelston in Derbyshire, farmer
Arthur Wright of Bakewell in Derbyshire
Mary Watson wife of Joseph Watson of Ballidon near Bradbourne and
Ellen Wright [[should be Helen Wright 1861-1945|Helen Wright))] of Bradbourne, spinster (who were the children of William Wright) of the 6th part

William W. Wright
Mary C. [should be E.] Manlief nee Mary Elizabeth Wright
Charles S. Wright
Orplia [should be Orpha] Cuskaden nee Orpha Wright
George C. Wright, all of St. Paul, Indiana, North America and
Thomas G Wright of Los Angeles County, State of California (who were the children of John Wright) of the 7th part

George Wright of Waldron, Shelby County, Indiana, North America of the 8th part

the said Frank Wright of the 9th part

and Eliza Wright 1840-1936 of Ashbourne, spinster of the 10th part

RECITING THAT at the date of her death Catherine Gould late of Hanson Mount, Ashbourne, spinster was seised in fee simple in possession free from incumbrances of the hereditaments thereinafter described

AND RECITING that by her Will ... making a certain specific bequest to her sister ... she gave and bequeathed [[all her property to her executors and trustees and] their executors and administrators and assigns upon trust to call in her personal estate [[after paying her testamentary expenses and debts] and to invest the income of the trust premises for her sister and after her death to hold it in trust for her nieces Sarah Groves [[should be Grove] and Eliza Wright daughters of her then late sister Elizabeth and her niece Fanny Leach daughter of her late brother Francis Gould or such of them as should be living at her death and the issue of any of her nieces who should die in her lifetime equally to be divided between them for their own sole and separate use and yet so that the issue of any of her said dying in her lifetime should only be entitled (and if more than one in equal shares) to the share or shares to which their deceased parent might have become entitled if she had survived the Testatrix, and the Testatrix appointed her brother Thomas Gould and her nephew William Wright Executors of her Will

AND RECITING that by a Codicil to her Will dated the 6th February 1883, after reciting that her brother Thomas Gould had departed this life, the Testatrix appointed in his place as Trustee and Executor with her nephew William Wright her nephew Frank Wright, and after reciting that the Testatrix had by her Will given the income of her estate and effects to her sister Anne Gould during her life and after her death she had given all the residue of her estate and effects to her nieces equally, the Testatrix revoked those bequests and after her death declared that her trustees should hold the residue of the trust premises and the income thereof in trust for her nephews William Wright, John Wright, George Wright, and Frank Wright and her nieces mentioned in her Will equally to be divided between them, and in all other respects the Testatrix confirmed her Will

AND RECITING that Catherine Gould died on the 17th October 1910 without having altered or revoked her Will and Codicil as recited and the same was on the 28th November 1910 duly proved in the District Probate Registry of H.M. Court of Justice at Derby by Frank Wright the sole surviving Executor named in the Codicil

AND RECITING that Ann Dale, Mary Gould, Ellen Gould, Sarah Groves, William Wright and John Wright all predeceased the Testatrix and they all left issue except Sarah Groves, and the parties thereto of the 2nd 3rd 4th 5th and 7th parts were respectively the issue of Ann Dale, Mary Gould, Ellen Gould, William Wright and John Wright.

AND RECITING that doubts have arisen as to whether on the true constructions of the Will and Codicil of Catherine Gould deceased the issue of Ann Dale, Mary Gould, Ellen Gould, William Wright and John Wright were entitled to take the shares which their deceased parents would have taken in the estate of Catherine Gould deceased

AND RECITING that the parties thereto were the next of kin of the deceased and the said Fanny Leach was her heiress at law

AND RECITING that the real estate of Catherine Gould deceased consisted of the hereditaments and premises thereinafter described

AND RECITING that the parties thereto had entered into an agreement as to the administration of the estate and one of the terms of such agreement was the hereditaments thereinafter described should be conveyed to Eliza Wright 1840-1936 as part of her share of the estate of Catherine Gould deceased

IT WAS WITNESSED that in pursuance of the agreement and in consideration of the premises Frank Wright as the personal representative of Catherine Gould deceased and as to the entirety of the hereditaments thereinafter described thereby conveyed And the parties thereto of the 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th and 9th part each as beneficial owner so far as regards his or her estate and interest in the hereditaments thereinafter described thereby conveyed and confirmed unto Eliza Wright 1840-1936

ALL THAT messuage dwellinghouse or tenement with the outbuildings and yards thereunto belonging situate at the westwardly end of a certain Street in Ashbourne called Church Street
AND ALSO ALL THAT messuage or tenement situate at the back of and adjoining the before mentioned messuage which two messuages were then and for some time past had been used and occupied as one messuage or dwellinghouse which was known as Hanson Mount
AND ALSO ALL THAT garden or parcel of land situate behind the above mentioned messuage and extending from thence to a certain lane or public highway formerly called Back Lane but then called Union Street
All which messuages and garden were formerly in the occupation of Charles Hales afterwards of Sarah Anne Hales since of Catherine Gould and then of Eliza Wright 1840-1936
TO HOLD the same hereditaments and premises unto and to the use of Eliza Wright 1840-1936 in fee simple.

DULY executed by all parties except Eliza Wright 1840-1936 and attested.

14th June 1936

Eliza Wright 1840-1936 died at Hanson Mount, Ashbourne, a spinster.

30th July 1936

Probate of her Will dated 9th March 1928 was granted out of the Principal Probate Registry to William Wright of Hill Crest Thorpe in Derbyshire, farmer,
Thomas Edward Wright of Kniveton in Derbyshire, farmer,
and Frank Thomas Wright of Walton Bank, Ashbourne, corn merchant,
nephews of deceased, the Executors named in the Will.