Nat Gould

His life and books

Elizabeth Gould 1802-1843

Elizabeth Gould was born on 19 April 1802 at Hanson Grange in Derbyshire, the daughter of William Gould 1755-1845 and his wife née Anne Richardson 1776-1819, daughter of Francis Richardson of Milwich in Staffordshire.

She was married to William Wright 1796-1882 of Bradbourne, and after farming at Hanson Grange for a time, moved to Bradbourne.

They had the following children:

Ann Wright 1824-1910.

William Wright 1826-1904.

Mary Wright 1827-1897. She was the mother of Nat Gould.

John Wright 1829-1885.

Thomas Wright 1831-1838.

Ellen Wright 1834-1904.

George Wright 1836-1921

Sarah Wright 1839-1907.

Eliza Wright 1840-1936.

Frank Wright 1842-1913.

Their mother Elizabeth Wright née Gould died on 25 June 1843 and was buried at Bradbourne.