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Thomas Gould 1800-1878

Thomas Gould
Born: 1800 Hanson Grange
Died: 1878 Hanson Grange
William Gould 1755-1845
Anne Richardson 1776-1819
William Gould 1808-1848
Elizabeth Gould 1802-1843
Francis Gould 1804-1877
Anne Gould 1806-1885
Catherine Gould 1809-1910
Hanson Grange in the 1870s

Hanson Grange in the 1870s

Thomas Gould was born in 1800 at Hanson Grange in Derbyshire, the son of William Gould 1755-1845 and his wife née Anne Richardson 1776-1819.

Working for him there in 1861 were his groom William Askey aged sixteen and a farm servant James Austin aged twenty-five (1).

In 1871 Thomas Gould employed as his shepherd Thomas Oakden, the husband of Anne Oakden nee Anne Adams.

Thomas Gould died unmarried on 24 August 1878 aged 77 years, and was buried at Thorpe, where there is a memorial gravestone.


(1) In 1888 James Austin married Mary Hambleton, a cousin of William Askey. Her father Samuel Hambleton was the brother of Hannah Hambleton the mother of William Askey.