Nat Gould

His life and books

Full list of Books

Books by Nat Gould in chronological order of first publication.

For reviews of all these books see Nat Gould: The Biography by Tom Askey (2017) pages 143-176.

1891The Double Event: A Tale of the Melbourne CupRoutledge
1892Jockey JackRoutledge
1892Running it off; or Hard Hit: An Enthralling Story of Racing, Love and IntrigueRoutledge
1893Banker and BrokerRoutledge
1893Harry Dale's Jockey "Wild Rose" her Life and AdventuresRoutledge
1894Thrown Away: or Basil Ray's MistakeRoutledge
1894Stuck UpRoutledge
1895On and Off the Turf in AustraliaRoutledge
1895Only a CommonerRoutledge

The above are the books written and published while Nat Gould was in Sydney, Australia.

The following were written and published after his return to England:

1896The Doctor's Double: An Anglo Australian SensationRoutledge
1896The Magpie Jacket: A Tale of the TurfRoutledge
1896The Miner's CupRoutledge
1896Town and Bush: Stray Notes on AustraliaRoutledge
1896Who Did It?Routledge
1897Horse or Blacksmith?Routledge
1897A Lad of MettleRoutledge
1897Not so Bad after allRoutledge
1897Seeing Him Through: A Racing StoryRoutledge
1898Golden RuinRoutledge
1898The Famous MatchRoutledge
1898A Gentleman Rider: A Tale of the Grand NationalRoutledge
1899The Dark HorseRoutledge
1899Landed at LastRoutledge
1899The Old Mare's FoalRoutledge
1899The Pace that KillsRoutledge
1899Racecourse and BattlefieldRoutledge
1900A Dead CertaintyRoutledge
1900A Rank OutsiderRoutledge
1900His Last PlungeRoutledge
1900The Roar of the RingRoutledge
1900Settling DayEverett
1900Sporting SketchesEverett
1901A Racecourse TragedyEverett
1901Warned OffEverett
1902Broken DownEverett
1902In Royal ColoursEverett
1902King of the Ranges: A Blend of Fact and FictionEverett
1902Life's WebEverett
1902A Racing SinnerEverett
1903In Low WaterEverett
1903The Boy in GreenEverett
1903Blue CapEverett
1903Raymond's RideEverett
1903The Silken ReinEverett
1903The Three WagersEverett
1904Bred in the BushEverett
1904The Gold WhipEverett
1904The Second StringEverett
1905The Rajah's RacerEverett
1905The Story of Black Bess: as told by her OwnerEverett
1905One of a MobLong
1905The Selling PlaterLong
1906A Hundred to One ChanceLong
1906The Lady TrainerLong
1906A Sporting SquatterLong
1906A Straight GoerLong
1907Charger and ChaserLong
1907The Head LadLong
1907The Little WonderLong
1908The Dapple GreyLong
1908The Top WeightLong
1908Whirlwind's YearLong
1909The BuckjumperLong
1909The Jockey's RevengeLong
1909The Magic of SportLong
1909A Reckless OwnerLong
1909The Stolen RacerLong
1909The Chance of a LifetimeLong
1910A Great CoupLong
1910The Lucky ShoeLong
1910The RoarerLong
1910The King's FavouriteLong
1911The Cast OffLong
1912Good at the GameLong
1912A Member of Tatt'sLong
1913A Fortune at StakeLong
1913The Trainer's TreasureLong
1914A Gamble for LoveLong
1915Never in DoubtLong
1915The Wizard of the TurfLong
1916Breaking the RecordLong
1916Lost and Won: a Tale of Sport and WarLong
1916A Turf ConspiracyLong
1917A Northern CrackLong
1917The Rider in KhakiLong
1917The SmasherLong
1918Fast as the WindLong
1918A Race for a WifeLong
1918The SteeplechaserLong
1918Won on the PostLong
1918Odds OnLong

Nat Gould died in 1919. The following are posthumously published books:

1920At Starting PriceLong
1920A Chestnut ChampionLong
1920Racing RivalsLong
1920The RakeLong
1920The Silver StarLong
1920The Sweep WinnerLong
1921The Blue RibbonLong
1921The Demon WinsLong
1921A Derby WinnerLong
1921In the PaddockLong
1921A Long ShotLong
1921The Man from NewmarketLong
1921A Stable Mystery: and Other StoriesLong
1922A Bad StartLong
1922A Dangerous StableLong
1922A Great SurpriseLong
1922Sold for a SongLong
1923Beating the FavouriteLong
1923A Brilliant SeasonLong
1924The ChallengeLong
1924First in the FieldLong
1925Riding to OrdersLong
1926The Major's MascotLong
1927The Racing Adventures of Barry BromleyLong
1927The Exploits of a Race-Course DetectiveLong
1927Trainers' TalesLong

The following novel was written by "Nat Gould Jnr", Sidney Nathaniel Gould:

1937Sable StarHutchinsons

As well as his novels and other books, Nat Gould also wrote and published "Annuals" each with the title of its main or only story.

The earliest of them is "The Sporting Annual for Sportsmen and Sportswomen at Home and Abroad No.1" published in 1900 by Everett. Nat Gould is stated to be the editor. It is described as a "periodical" but no other issues are known.

Other Nat Gould Annuals were published between 1903 and 1915 as follows:

1903The RunawaysEverett
1904The OutcastEverett
1905A Bit of a RogueLong
1906The Pet of the PublicLong
1907A Stroke of LuckLong
1908A Bird in HandLong
1909The Pick of the StableLong
1910Queen of the TurfLong
1911The Phantom HorseLong
1912Left in the LurchLong
1913The Best of the SeasonLong
1914The FlyerLong
1915The White ArabLong

Further details of these Annuals are provided in Nat Gould: The Biography by Tom Askey (2017) pages 127-130.