Nat Gould

His life and books

Stuck Up

First published in 1894, this was the seventh of Nat Gould's novels published in book form. The publisher was George Routledge and Sons Ltd of London.

It was reissued in 1935, 1955, 1960 and 1962.

The story is set in the wild mountains of Victoria in the 1870s.

Kitty Carey and her two brothers live in a lonely forest cabin. Harassed by unscrupulous policemen, the brothers drift into crime and become bushrangers, stealing horses and cattle. Finally a bank is "stuck up". Sadly so are they. The brothers become outlaws, based in a secret hideout.

Nat Gould has written what seems impossible - s story with outlawed criminals as true heroes. The tale is superbly written, galloping away at a cracking pace. Not a scene or character is irrelevant. Even the settings form part of the story. There are (naturally) lots of horses, but the tense racecourse scenes are essential to the story.

A thrilling tale from the master story teller. Among the best of Nat's novels - perhaps the very best. Read it! (TA)