Nat Gould

His life and books

The White Arab

Originally this was the title of the 1915 publication in the series of Annuals by Nat Gould, and consisted mainly if not entirely of this one story.

"Nat Gould's Annual. "The Literary World" says : "Nat Gould's Annual, 'The White Arab,' is a truly marvellous story. In addition to the usual racing element there is adventure in the Sahara, so exciting, and in parts so humorous as to vividly recall Rider Haggard to the mind. It is the thirteenth annual: and this time thirteen should prove a lucky number." (1) Sadly however it seems to have been the last of the Annuals.

It was reprinted and issued as a separate novel in 1917.


(1) Middlesex Chronicle 5 February 1916.