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Annuals by Nat Gould

As well as his novels and press articles, Nat Gould also wrote and had published books which were described as "Annuals" .

The earliest of them is "The Sporting Annual" which was published in November 1900 by Everett and priced at one shilling. It was advertised as "The Sporting Annual for Sportsmen and Sportswomen at Home and Abroad No.1".

The volume was evidently intended to be the first of a regular series, but no later issues are known.

Other Nat Gould books described as being Annuals were published in 1903 and 1904 by Everett and from 1905 to 1915 by John Long. These however took a different form, each bearing the title of its main or only story, which was afterwards published as a novel in the usual way. They are as follows:

1903The RunawaysEverett
1904The OutcastEverett
1905A Bit of a RogueLong
1906The Pet of the PublicLong
1907A Stroke of LuckLong
1908A Bird in HandLong
1909The Pick of the StableLong
1910Queen of the TurfLong
1911The Phantom HorseLong
1912Left in the LurchLong
1913The Best of the SeasonLong
1914The FlyerLong
1915The White ArabLong

The 1903 Annual also contained illustrations: "Nat Gould's Annual is to hand, containing 160 pages medium 8 vo., and illustrated by Harington Bird. It contains a new and original story, specially written by Mr. Gould for this annual, entitled 'The Runaways,' also a double frontispiece in colours depicting 'The Lawn at Flemington' (Australia), 'The Water Jump, Grand National' (Liverpool, England), and about 30 illustrations in text" (1).

These Annuals appear to have been ephemeral. The 1914 issue was already out-of-print in the year of publication, not being included with those for 1911-1913 and 1915 among "John Long's New and Forthcoming Books" in 1914 (2).

Further details of these Annuals, and reviews of the Nat Gould stories in them, are provided in Nat Gould: the Biography by Tom Askey (2017) pages 127-130. See the Biography page.

(1) The Week (Brisbane, Australia) 11 December 1903.
(2) Advertisement pages (page 13) in Bush Songs & Oversea Voices by A. Safroni-Middleton published by Long in 1914.