Nat Gould

His life and books

The Rajah's Racer

The Rajah's Racer was first published by Everett in 1905, who also issued the book as a "yellowback" (as illustrated).

It was reissued in 1920 by G.H. Robinson and J. Birch in their "Royal Ascot Library" series; and in 1933, 1937 and 1956.

Unusually this story is set not in England or Australia but in India. The hero is an indigo planter with a mysterious past who takes into his protection a vivacious native girl desired by an evil temple priest. Nearby is the palace of the his friend the local Rajah. Both are racehorse owners anxious to win the Viceroy's Cup, but the hero has dangerous enemies determined to thwart his plans.

After a thrilling denouement, all ends happily for the hero and his bride. There are few dramatic surprises, yet the story grips the reader, not least for the vivid depiction of the scenes in which the narrative unfolds, and the masterly use of dialogue in driving the story onwards. A good read. (TA)