Nat Gould

His life and books

Whirlwind's Year

First published in 1908 by John Long Ltd. Reprinted by Mellifont Press in 1956.

Greg Thornton, disappointed in love, had left England for Australia where he made a large fortune in gold mining. Twenty years later he had returned to live incognito in England. He befriends a young guards officer and meets his fiancee and her father, a financial speculator facing ruin. Anxious to bring the lovers together after misunderstandings separated them, Greg finds himself falling in love with the girl. Eventually all ends happily, and Greg returns to Australia.

A finely crafted story, with race scenes at Epsom, Ascot and Doncaster that hold even readers having no interest in horse racing. Although the ending is hurried, in keeping with the reader's interest, the tale is well paced, and has two surprise endings. One of Nat Gould's best stories. (TA)