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Sarah Gould 1689-1772

Sarah Gould
Born: 1689
Died: 1772
William Gould 1655-1725
Mary Hollis 1654-1713
Elizabeth Gould 1676-1753
William Gould 1677-1772
Lidia Gould
Joseph Gould 1685-1760
Hannah Gould 1692-1756
Thomas Gould 1695-1763
John Gould 1700-1725
Richard Bateman 1677-1761
Richard Bateman 1727-1774
William Bateman
Guarterick Bateman.
Mary Bateman.
Sarah Bateman.
Hannah Bateman.
Elizabeth Bateman.
Dorothy Bateman.
Anne Bateman.

Sarah Gould was born in 1689, the fourth child and second daughter of William Gould and his wife nee Mary Hollis 1654-1713. She was baptised at Hartington in Derbyshire on 9 February 1689 (modern style).

On 1 August 1713 she was married at Hartington to Richard Bateman 1677-1761 of Hartington, the son of Thomas Bateman 1646-1713. He was baptised at Hartington on 4 April 1677. He had been married previously. His first wife was Dorothy Sleigh, the daughter of James Sleigh, whom he married in 1702.

Richard and Sarah Bateman had the following children (1):

Richard Bateman 1727-1774.
William Bateman died 1737.
Guarterick Bateman. She was married to William Edensor of Hartington.
Mary Bateman. She was married to Samuel Sleigh on 28 April 1735, and had children.
Sarah Bateman. She was married on 27 May 1760 to Mark Robinson, a merchant in York. They had no children.
Hannah Bateman. She was married to Joshua Ellis of Leek in Staffordshire. They had no children.
Elizabeth Bateman. She was married on 24 June 1748 to her cousin Ralph Sterndale, and had children.
Dorothy Bateman. She died unmarried in 1752.
Anne Bateman. She died unmarried in 1777. Her will is dated in that year.

Richard Bateman died in 1761, and was buried there on 9 April 1761. His will is dated 20 October 1759 and was proved on 17 June 1761. Sarah Bateman died in 1772, and was buried at Hartington on 10 July 1772.


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