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Richard Bateman 1727-1774

Richard Bateman
Born: 1727 at Hartington
Died: 1774
Richard Bateman 1677-1761
Sarah Gould 1689-1772
Guarterick Bateman 1714-1795
Mary Bateman 1716-1808
Sarah Bateman 1718-1804
Hannah Bateman 1720-1750
Elizabeth Bateman 1722-1755
Dorothy Bateman 1725-1752
Richard Bateman 1727-1774
William Bateman 1733-1737
Anne Bateman 1736-1777
Elizabeth Leek 1734-1784
Elizabeth Bateman 1759-1764
Thomas Bateman 1760-1847
Richard Bateman 1763-1808
Nancey Bateman 1766=1847
William Bateman 1774-1817

Richard Bateman was born in 1727 at Hartington, the son of Richard Bateman 1677-1761 and his second wife nee Sarah Gould 1689-1772, the daughter of William Gould of Crowdecote in Derbyshire. He was baptised at Hartington on 14 December 1727.

On 2 February 1758 he married Elizabeth Leek 1734-1784, daughter of Ralph Leek of the Heath House, Cheddleton in Staffordshire. She was baptised on 11 May 1734.

Richard and Elizabeth Bateman had the following children:

Elizabeth Bateman 1759-1764. She was baptised at Hartington on 1 January 1759, and buried there on 11 August 1764.

Thomas Bateman 1760-1847. He was baptised at Hartington on 28 September 1760. In 1782 he became a merchant in Manchester. In 1801 he sold the lands that he had inherited from his ancestor John Bateman to Hugh Bateman and others, and bought estates in Lancashire, Cheshire and Derbyshire. On 23 November 1786 he married Rebekah Clegg, born in 1764 the daughter of Arthut Clegg, a Manchester merchant. She died at Gatley Hall in Cheshire on 16 June 1797 and was buried in the Dissenters' Chapel there. Thomas Bateman was appointed Sheriff of Derbyshire in 1823. He died at Middleton-by-Youlgreave on 26 May 1847.

Richard Bateman 1763-1808. He was baptised at Hartington on 11 May 1763. He married Mary Birch, the daughter of James Birch of Manchester on 23 November 1786 at Manchester. He remarried (wife unknown). He died in 1808, and was buried at St Mary's in Manchester on 12 April 1808. He had no descendants.

Nancey Bateman 1766=1847. She was baptised at Hartington on 25 October 1765. She was twice married, first in 1790 to Nathan Sutton of Leek in Staffordshire, by whom she had children. In 1814 she was married to John Gibson of Tattershall in Lincolnshire, merchant, who died in 1821. She had no children by this second marriage. She died at Tattershall on 1 November 1847.

William Bateman 1774-1817. He was baptised at Hartington on 16 January 1774, and became a merchant in Manchester. He married Maty Swire, the daughter of Samuel Swire of Dean Shutt in Lancashire on 10 October 1799. William Bateman died at Ardwick near Manchester on 14 July 1817, and was buried at St Luke's chapel, Chorlton Row in Manchester.

Richard Bateman 1727-1774 died in 1774. His Will is dated 14 August 1771. He was buried at Hartington on 20 January 1744.

Elizabeth Bateman died in 1784, and was buried at Hartington on 1 April 1784.