Nat Gould

His life and books

The Modern Publishing Company

From 1925 to 1935 The Modern Publishing Company reissued most of the early novels of Nat Gould that had been published between 1892 and 1900 by Routledge. They appeared in red hardback format, with attractive multicoloured dust jackets, priced at two shillings.

The publisher had an address at 6 Farringdon Avenue in London, but surprisingly little more is known about this company. It may have been in shared ownership with the newspaper "The News of the World". The red cloth backs of the books bear the boldly impressed black wording "News of the World - For Thrilling Serials By The Best Authors". Advertisements for various products and services were also carried in the front and rear pages. The printers were Purnell & Sons Ltd (1).

Other novels were later re-published in similar format by The Leisure Library Co. Ltd between 1936 and the outbreak of World War II in 1939.

Nat Gould novels re-published by The Modern Publishing Company are as follows. Some of the books have two numbers. Dates of first publication by Routledge are given in brackets.

625 Banker and Broker (1892)
626 Racecourse and Battlefield (1899)
627 Only a Commoner (1895)
629 The Old Mare's Foal (1899)
644 Not so Bad after all (1897)
645 The Magpie Jacket: A Tale of the Turf (1896)
646 A Dead Certainty (1900)
647 Seeing Him Through: A Racing Story (1897)
648 The Doctor's Double: An Anglo Australian Sensation (1896)
649 The Miner's Cup (1896)
650 Who Did It? (1))896)
651 A Lad of Mettle (1897)
660 Landed at Last (1899
661 The Dark Horse (1899)
662 Thrown Away (1894)
669 The Roar of the Ring (1900)
670 Stuck Up (1894)
699 The Magpie Jacket: A Tale of the Turf (1896)
700 The Dark Horse (1899)
701 The Roar of the Ring (1900)
702 Thrown Away (1894)
703 A Gentleman Rider: A Tale of the Grand National (1898)
704 A Dead Certainty (1900)
705 The Pace that Kills (1899)
706 Jockey Jack (1892)
707 Running it off (1892)
708 Seeing Him Through: A Racing Story (1897)
709 Not so Bad after all (1897)
710 Landed at Last (1899)

(1) At the bottom of the last page of text are the words "Made and Printed in Great Britain by Purnell & Sons Ltd., Paulton (Somerset) and London, for The Modern Publishing Company, Farringdon Avenue, London E.C.4.".