Nat Gould

His life and books

The Leisure Library Co. Ltd

The Leisure Library Co. Ltd. reissued some of the novels of Nat Gould after 1936 until the outbreak of World War II in 1939. They were issued in the red hardback format that had been popularised between 1925 and 1935 by The Modern Publishing Company.

The company had an address at 3 Pilgrim Street, Ludgate Hill in London. There were at least four series of novels by a variety of authors (1), and the company was probably an imprint of Hutchinsons who acquired the business of John Long Limited in 1936 (2).

Nat Gould novels known to have appeared under this imprint include the following. Dates of first publication by John Long are given in brackets.

A Bad Start (1922)
A Bird in Hand (1908)
A Gamble for Love (1914)
A Long Shot (1921)
A Straight Goer (1906)
A Turf Conspiracy (1916)
Beating the Favourite (1923)
Breaking the Record (1916)
Left in the Lurch (1912)
In The Paddock (1921)
Never in Doubt (1915)
Odds On (1918 ?)
Queen of the Turf (1910)
The Blue Ribbon (1921)
The Buckjumper (1909)
The Dapple Grey (1908)
The Demon Wins (1921)
The King's Favourite (1910)
The Little Wonder (1907)
The Man from Newmarket (1921)
The Rake (1920)
The Racing Adventures of Barry Bromley (1927)
The Wizard of the Turf (1915)
Won on the Post (1918)

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(2) At the bottom of the last page are the words "Made and printed by The Hutchinson Printing Trust, Ltd. of London."