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John Morewood 1645-1682

John Morewood 1645-1682
Born: 1645
Died: 1682 at Wormhill, Derbyshire
Andrew Morewood 1623-1680
Anne(surname unknown)
Josiah Morewood died 1686
Anne Drakeford married 1668
John Morewood 1671-1738
Rebecca Morewood born 1675
Rachel Morewood 1677-1681 ) twins
Robert Morewood born 1677 )
Anne Morewood 1679-1749
Sarah Morewood 1681?-1689

John Morewood was born in 1645, the son of Andrew Morewood 1623-1680 and his wife nee Anne (surname unknown).

In 1668 he married Anne Drakeford of Scholar Green in Cheshire (1).

Their children were:

John Morewood 1671-1738.

Rebecca Morewood born 1675. She was married to Rowland Swann of Fairfield in Derbyshire (2).

Rachel Morewood 1677-1681. Twin of Robert Morewood. She was baptised on 27 January 1676/7 at Eyam, and died in 1681 at Wormhill. She was buried at Chelmorton on 19 May 1681.

Robert Morewood 1677-

Anne Morewood 1679-1749. She was married to William Gould 1677-1772 of Pilsbury Grange on 2 November 1701 at Hartington.

Sarah Morewood. She was born in about 1681 and died in 1689 at Wormhill. She was buried on 8 September 1689 at Chelmorton.

John Morewood was admitted as a pensioner at Christ's College in Cambridge where he matriculated in 1664. He graduated as Bachelor of Arts there in 1667 and Master of Arts in 1671. He was ordained deacon at Peterborough cathedral in December 1668 and priest at Lichfield cathedral in 1672 (new style). He was then licensed to preach at Eyam in Derbyshire (3).

The Reverend John Morewood became Curate of Chelmorton in the parish of Bakewell in Derbyshire, but later moved to Wormhill also in Derbyshire, where he died aged only 37 years in 1682. His Will is dated in that year (4). He was buried on 15 April 1682 in Chelmorton church.

(1) The marriage settlement is dated 1669 (Dakeyne MSS). The original indenture is L/72/4/4 in the Devonshire Collections at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire.
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(4) Probate was granted at Bakewell and his original Will is at Lichfield Joint Record Office.
For a summary of its main provisions see Summary of the Will of John Morewood 1645-1682.