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Anne Morewood 1679-1749

Anne Morewood 1679-1749
Born: 1679
Died: 1749 at Pilsbury Grange
John Morewood 1645-1682
Anne Drakeford
John Morewood 1671-1738
Rebecca Morewood born 1675
Rachel Morewood 1677-1681 ) twins
Robert Morewood born 1677 )
Sarah Morewood 1681?-1689
William Gould 1677-1772 m 1701
Hannah Gould 1701-1790
John Gould b 1702
William Gould 1704-1757
Joseph Gould 1708-1715
Anne Gould 1709-1797
Richard Gould 1711-1762
Thomas Gould 1714-1794
Joseph Gould 1715-1777
Samuel Gould 1717-1720
George Gould 1719-1719
George Gould 1720-1810
Mary Gould 1721-1780
Rebecca Gould 1724-1726

Anne Morewood was born in 1679, the daughter of the Reverend John Morewood 1645-1682 and his wife nee Anne Drakeford.

He owned a large estate at Staden and elsewhere on the outskirts of Buxton that was eventually sold by his grandson’s executors to the Duke of Devonshire.

John Morewood was a scion of a very ancient family that were living in medieval times at Bradfield in Yorkshire.

On 2 November 1701 she was married at Hartington in Derbyshire to William Gould 1677-1772 of Pilsbury Grange.