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Hannah Gould 1701-1790

Hannah Gould
Born: 1701 at Pilsbury Grange
Died: 1790 Great Rocks, Derbyshire
William Gould 1677-1772
Anne Morewood 1679-1749
John Gould b 1703
William Gould 1704-1757
Joseph Gould 1708-1715
Anne Gould 1709-1797
Richard Gould 1711-1762
Thomas Gould 1714-1794
Joseph Gould 1715-1777
Samuel Gould 1717-1720
George Gould 1719-1719
George Gould 1720-1810
Mary Gould 1721-1780
Rebecca Gould 1724-1726
Anthony Goodwin
Mary Goodwin 1734-1822
William Goodwin 1737-1800
Martha Goodwin 1739-1824
Joseph Goodwin 1739-1808
Sarah Goodwin 1740-1806
Elizabeth Goodwin 1743-1808
Rebecca Goodwin 1746-1747
Anne Goodwin died 1785
Alice Goodwin
Hannah Goodwin

Hannah Gould was born in about 1701, the daughter of William Gould 1677-1772 and his wife Anne Morewood 1679-1749.

The place of her baptism has not been located. She was married to Anthony Goodwin of Great Rocks in Derbyshire on 13 October 1728 at Hartington. He was the son of Anthony Goodwin and Alice Peake (1). He died in 1783, and his will is dated 27 January 1779. They had two sons and eight daughters. By the 1800s the farm had passed from the Goodwin family to the Batemans of Middleton-by-Youlgreave.

Great Rocks Farm was admired by the historian Stephen Glover. In 1856 he wrote “Last week I was with my friend Mr. BATEMAN of Lomberdale Hall whose grandfather purchased the Greatorex Estate in Wormhill, now one of the finest farms in England” (2).

Great Rocks Farm 1980s

Great Rocks Farm 1980s

Farm site today

Farm site today

Great Rocks Dale was then a beautiful valley, but it became increasingly marred by the development of the Tunstead limestone quarry following the opening of the Midland Railway line from Derby to Manchester through the valley.

Until the 1980s the quarrying was confined to the western edge of the dale, but permission was then given to quarry on the eastern side. As Tunstead Quarry increasingly extended, Great Rocks Farm had to be abandoned. By the end of the 1980s only the foundations remained. Today the entire site of the farm has disappeared.

The children of Hannah Gould and Anthony Goodwin were:

Mary Goodwin. She was baptised at Wormhill on 21 July 1734. She died unmarried in 1822, and was buried at Wormhill on 28 October 1822.

William Goodwin. He died in 1800, and was buried at Wormhill on 22 March 1800 aged 63 years.

Martha Goodwin. She died unmarried in 1824, and was buried at Wormhill on 6 March 1824 aged 85 years.

Joseph Goodwin. He was baptised at Wormhill on 15 April 1739, and died in 1808.

Sarah Goodwin. She was baptised at Wormhill on 1 January 1740. She died unmarried in 1806, and was buried at Wormhill on 9 February 1806. She is mentioned in a letter from Richard Gould 1741-1820 to his son John Gould 1784-1814.

Elizabeth Goodwin. She was baptised at Wormhill on 4 March 1743. She was married to George Shuttleworth (1749-1796). She died in 1808, and was buried at Wormhill om 23 January 1808 aged 72 years.

Rebecca Goodwin. She was baptised at Wormhill on 13 July 1746. She died in 1747, and was buried at Wormhill on 18 February 1747.

Anne Goodwin. She died in 1785 and was buried at Wormhill on 3 April 1785.

Alice Goodwin.

Hannah Goodwin.

Hannah Goodwin nee Gould died in 1790, and was buried at Wormhill on 19 May 1790.


(1) In the seventeenth century the Peake family had built up their property in the district, and Alice was probably their heiress.
(2) Thomas Bateman was a descendant of William Gould 1655-1725 who first came to Pilsbury Grange.