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Alice Susan Grove born 1866

Alice Susan Grove
Born: 1866 at Walsall
Frederic Dormer Grove
Sarah Wright 1839-1907
Jane Elizabeth Grove born 1864
Frank Wright
Mary G. Wright born 1888

Alice Susan Grove was born in Walsall on 27 September 1866, the younger daughter of Frederic Dormer Grove and his wife nee Sarah Wright 1839-1907.

She married Frank Wright. She was widowed early, and at the time of the 1891 Census she was boarding at 58 Promenade in Southport with her three year old daughter Mary G. Wright (born in Rusholme, Manchester) and her maternal aunt Mary Gould the mother of Nat Gould.

Alice Susan Wright nee Grove and Mary G. Wright were both evidently dead by 1 May 1911 when the Hanson Mount Agreement was made, as it was there stated that no descendants of Sarah Grove nee Wright were then living.