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Nat Gould in 1908

Nat Gould in 1908

Nathaniel Gould (1857 - 1919), universally known as Nat Gould, was one of the most prolific authors of all time.

During his life he wrote numerous best selling books, normally on a racing theme, and was in his day the most widely-read author in the world.

A biography of Nat Gould has now been published, complementing the information on this website.

The invaluable assistance of many contributors is gratefully acknowledged, notably those Glenda White and Sue de Groot (great-granddaughters of Nat Gould), Douglas Gould, Trevor Byrnes, Peter Bentley, Michael Hanson, Tony Parrini, Nigel Asdin, Dianne Black and David Lowe, all of whom have generously shared their researches and archives on Nat Gould himself and the Gould family of Pilsbury Grange in Derbyshire from which he descended.

Grateful thanks are also expressed to Andrew Millie for information on the Ruska family in Germany and Australia; James Marshall of Hounslow Library for providing extracts from the Middlesex Chronicle and his patience in answering questions; Lesley Hall of the Wellcome Foundation in London for information on the Homovet Company; John Simpson of the Community Library in Accrington for information on J.R. Swann; and to Steve Askey for creating and setting up the website.

I am always pleased to receive your comments and suggestions.

Tom Askey

"The excellent Nat Gould website is comfortingly scholarly, and very well worth a look."

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