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Ralph Dain 1822-1863

Ralph Dain
Born: 1822
Died: 1863 at Newhaven, Hartington
Henry Dain 1779-1857
Margaret Walters 1788-1842
Henry Dain 1808-1890
William Dain 1816-1898
John Dain 1818-1889
Margaret Dain 1814-1848
Sarah Dain 1821-
Thomas Dain 1823-1869
Mary Dain 1826-
Charles Dain 1827-1882
Elizabeth Ann Gould 1827-1868
Mary Dain 1856-
Elizabeth Dain 1858-
Margaret Dain 1860-1882

Ralph Dain was born at Newhaven near Hartington in Derbyshire in 1822, the son of Henry Dain of Newhaven and his wife nee Margaret Walters.

He was baptised at Hartington on 23 April 1822.

He married Elizabeth Ann Gould 1827-1868 on 5 March 1855 by licence at Earl Sterndale in Derbyshire. In 1861 he was a farmer of 370 acres at Bank House Farm in Biggin in Derbyshire, employing two farm workers and a housemaid.

They had three daughters, all baptised at Biggin:

Mary Dain. She was baptised on 31 July 1856.

Elizabeth Dain. She was baptised on 20 June 1858.

Margaret Dain. She was baptised on 26 August 1860. She died in 1882, and was buried at Biggin 4 March 1882 aged only 21 years.

Ralph Dain died in 1863 aged only 41 years, and was buried at Biggin on 27 November 1863.

Elizabeth Ann Dain died in 1868 aged only 40 years, and was buried at Biggin on 8 May 1868.