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Robert Arthur Everett

Robert Arthur Everett
Born: 1861 Hackney, London
Died: 1924 Canada
Joseph Henry Everett 1819-1881
Eliza Tracey Tibbles 1822-1890
Ambrose Everett 1842-
Louisa Everett 1845-
Eliza Everett 1847-
James Everett 1850-
Joseph Everett 1850-
William Richard Everett 1852-
Frederic William Everett 1854-
Elias Everett 1856-
George Everett 1859-
Jane Everett 1863-
Emma Everett 1865-
Constance Annie Box 1862-1903
Agnes Minnie Everett 1883-1905
Arthur Ernest Cromwell Everett 1885-1930
Constance Ethel Everett 1890-1976

Robert Arthur Everett was born in 1861 at Hackney in London, the son of Joseph Henry Everett 1819-1881 and his wife nee Eliza Tracey Tibbles 1822-1890. His father was a carpenter in 1871 and had become a builder by 1880 when his son married.

When the Census was taken in 1871 Robert Arthur Everett was living at home with his parents at 7 Kent Street, Hackney.

On Christmas Day 1880 he married Constance Annie Box at St Mary's church, Stratford in London. She was born in 1862, the daughter of John Box 1843-1881 and his wife nee Mary Agnes Wheeler 1834-1881. Her father, like her father-in-law, was a builder.

In 1881 the Census recorded Robert Arthur Everett and his bride as living at 6 Balmer Road, Bow in London. Robert Everett was then a "general clerk".

By 1891 they had moved to 50 Shelton Road, West Ham in London, and Robert Everett was then recorded as a bookseller's assistant. When the Census was taken in 1901 they were living at Oakhurst, Prittlewell near Southend-on-Sea in Essex, and he was by then a publisher of books and an employer. His firm was R.A. Everett & Co. of 42 Essex Street, Strand, London WC. Among his authors was Nat Gould, whose books he published from 1900 to 1905.

Robert Arthur Everett and his wife had the following children:

Agnes Minnie Everett. She was born in 1883 at Bow in London. She died in 1905 aged 22 years.

Arthur Ernest Cromwell Everett. He was born in 1885 at West Ham in London. He married Julia Townshend 1886-1961, and they had three sons and lived at Cheam in Surrey. He died in Manchester on 4 February 1930.

Constance Ethel Everett. She was born in 1891 at Forest Gate, Essex. She was married to Herbert Stuart Indge 1889-1981, and had five children. They lived in Westborough, Worcester, Massachusetts USA, where she died in 1976 aged 84 years.

Their mother Constance Annie Everett nee Box died in 1903 aged only 41 years and was buried at Norwood Cemetery in south London on 12 December 1903. At the time of her death she had been living at 31 Lancaster Road, West Dulwich in south London.

Robert Arthur Everett died in 1924 in Canada.

For further details see Nat Gould: The Biography by Tom Askey (2017) pages 107-112.