Nat Gould

His life and books

Cornelius Brown

Cornelius Brown (1852 – 1907) was born in nearby Lowdham, the son of the village baker. When Nat Gould met him, he and his London-born wife Amelia were living in Southwell where their three children were born. Later they moved to Newark.

Brown was to become an authority on Nottinghamshire history, and prominent in Newark society. His published books include Notes about Notts (1874), The Annals of Newark (1879), The Worthies of Notts (1882), An Appreciative Life of the Earl of Beaconsfield (1882), True Stories of the Reign of Queen Victoria (1886), A History of Nottinghamshire (1891), and A History of Newark (1905 and 1907). He became the vice-president of the Thoroton Society, librarian of the Stock Library, the local Conservative Party agent, and a leading freemason.